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Mark Baker, Hampton

We offer specialist upholstery services to new or antique furniture, the ideal way to refresh an old chair or give it a completely new look- the most environmentally friendly way too.

 You can take a look at our previous work for some design inspiration, or get in touch now for more information.

Upholstery has the ability to transform an old piece of furniture to a modern piece, or restore it to it's classic style. We offer a generous selection of patterns and styles, all uniquely created with you in mind. We are able to collaboratively work together to create a piece, or leave it with our specialist knowledge to refresh your furniture.  

Perhaps looking for internal work? We can also fix springs or padding to restore the quality of any chair.

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Bright colours and fabrics can make a piece of furniture stand out in the home and reshape your interior. This is ideal for a bold, statement look- and a lot of fun!


However, we also offer more traditional styles of upholstery, perhaps for an antique piece of furniture or to achieve an antique style. Any style you want to achieve, we can create for you and your home. 

Antique door


Upholstery can give any piece of furniture an astounding transformation. Why not create a unique piece of furniture for your home? We beautifully craft bespoke furniture, with both traditional or modern touches. To find out more and view our previous bespoke work, take a look at the bespoke page here.

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